what to expect on contract

We do not generally list our vacancies online. We resource from our database and selected job boards. Therefore if you are interested in our latest contract openings please send a quick email to:

Exciting opportunities
Just as our clients are looking for the best candidates, we do our best to attract an exciting range of contract requirements. We react to change and look for technologically challenging opportunities with leading companies.

First-time contractors
We will help you with ”set-up“ issues like taxation advice, registration, timesheets, invoicing etc. You will recieve guidance and support with the administrative side, allowing you to focus on the assignment.

Smooth start
Our team will assist you with work visas (for non EU-Consultants), accommodation advice, socializing tips, local information, lunch and drinkies

Regular timely payments
To be honest, once you are in the job and everything is going well, the most important thing for you is to be paid correctly and on time. We do this.

Contract extensions
We organise contract extensions with our clients at the earliest possible opportunity or alternatively we have time to look for other suitable opportunities for you.