a website interview

We have a strong focus on the German market and on the recruitment of multilingual specialists.

Allow us to introduce ourselves in a somewhat unconventional manner:

”I’ve never heard of ‘The Hunting Station’ before”
Very possible! We started in 2005 and serviced mainly software houses with internal staff. We are small but active and growing dynamically.

”Who’s behind it?”
We are a group of sales and recruitment individuals with 35 years experience in technical recruitment. Helen Stephens coordinates the majority of sales and recruiting activities from Germany. Our office in London looks after mainly the banking side and California takes care of specialist telecomms requirements.

”What’s special about your in-house skills?”
We have worked many years in the IT industry to understand this rapidly changing skills market and your need to stay on top of these developments. We understand the requirements and generally will put together a more clarified job description from the client. Due to our office locations and our staff we can conduct our business efficiently in German and English and seek to attract bilingual consultants. Skills wise, our expertise lies in key account management, staffing international projects with well-suited IT, banking and telco consultants and the peripheral services which come as part and parcel.
Basically we understand the business and have what it takes to get you started in your next career move.